望久 片梨奈 Cathrine Mette Mørk

TEFL Professional

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Web 2.0 tools for speaking outside the classroom

Category : Slides
Completion : October 2nd, 2011

While it's now fairly straightforward to find quality input for reading and listening, as well as tools through which to practice writing, getting in speaking practice outside the classroom is still the lament of both EFL teachers and motivated learners. This presentation shares a few tools (including Voki, Voxopop, YouTube, Vimeo, VoiceThread, Dvolver Moviemaker Go! Animate, and Xtranormal) that could be incorporated into courses for project work, presentations, and simply conversational practice. Benefits and examples of possible usages for each too are explained. Many of these tools are ideal for a flipped classroom approach. Presented at the ETJ Tokyo Expo, Tokai Keizai University.