望久 片梨奈 Cathrine Mette Mørk

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Lingtlanguage for oral assignments

Category : Slides
Completion : June 6th, 2015

Especially in the context of large classes, speaking opportunities are limited in the EFL Japanese university context. By allowing students to submit oral reports and assignments, whether just for practice, for formative assessment, or for summative assessment, this speaking time can be increased. The presenter allowed participants to experience the easy-to-use Lingtlanguage platform firsthand, and shared her experiences using the platform with one, two-semester university course during the 2014 academic year, when it was used as a method for students to record oral assignments accessed by the teacher at a later time. Both benefits and pitfalls of using the system were highlighted, and participants learned enough to confidently apply the online platform in their own English speaking skills classes. A few alternative platforms and applications for creating digital recordings were introduced.

Presented at JALTCALL 2015, Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka.