望久 片梨奈 Cathrine Mette Mørk

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Benefits of using online student response systems in EFL classrooms

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Completed: January 4th, 2014

An online student response system (OSRS) is a recent technology that is fast replacing its predecessor, the classroom response system (CRS), also known as personal or audience response systems or “clickers.” The latter consists of devices students use to interact with an instructor's questions via computer software. Their cost and learning curve have prevented many teachers and institutions from adopting this technology, but the newer OSRSs eliminate the need to download costly software and invest in clicking devices that only serve one purpose. Because they are web-based and allow students to use any browser and device to do the “clicking” required to participate, OSRSs can much more easily be implemented in the classroom. Their main attribute is their ability to motivate and engage students, enhancing or replacing more traditional methods of teaching. Socrative is one such platform that runs on any device with a web browser, be it tablets, iPod Touches, smartphones, laptops, or desktops, that students can easily access without the need for extra devices, website accounts, or software. Through the example of the Socrative platform, this paper explains several pedagogical and administrative benefits of employing an OSRS as a teaching tool, with special reference to Japanese EFL learners.

Presented at the Hawaii International Conference of Arts and the Humanities - Marriotte Resort & Spa, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii)